Aug 29, 2014

Lavender's Working and Studying: A Summary

I'm a librarian and I love my job. Our library is modern, with a lot of windows. The walls of glass are giving me a great sense of freedom, because when I look around me I can see the sky. The library is located next to a shopping center. Around the corner there's a small theater and a museum. Everything is fashionable and new. It looks quite stylish if you ask me.
 I love the interaction with our customers. Especially the regulars. Of course we have to be silent, so people can focus on their reading, but there's a coffee corner where talking is allowed. We share it with a large bookshop which is downstairs. I love it and am often popping in to see if they've got something new. My good friend Zoe is working behind the counter of the café. She's a philosophy student who wants to enjoy everything she does. She's in no hurry to graduate and is doing as much studying as she can just for fun. Gina is working at the art library next door. We often meet for lunch or we go out for a drink after work.
My boss, Edward, is a wonderful man. He's kind and generous and he's getting along with everyone. He's also posh and rich and a little bit stiff, but with a great sense of humor. He and his sweet and caring wife, Victoria, have a large city home and they often invite people over for dinner. I love their parties and feel very much at home with them, which is great as I regularly stay the night. I really like my boss. He's working at the library for fun. When my former boss Nanette freaked out, he immediately stepped in to replace her. Now I'm next in line to run the place. That's scary, but they're making sure that I'll be prepared.
Every Monday I'm taking classes. One of my teachers, Rian, has become a great friend. He's a crime writer and I'm a big fan of his work. We usually go out for tea and cake together at the end of the afternoon. Because of him I now always look forward to my Mondays. I'm also lucky that I'm part of a supportive study group. Nolan, Betsy and Christie are my fellow reading addicts. We are all trying to become authors and we're only studying to have a plan B. We've started a book club and are meeting every Monday evening to discuss our own stories and our favorite fantasy- and urban fantasy books. 
I'm glad I've met all those special people, they've made my social life so much brighter. I'm lucky to have such a great job. I love being surrounded by books and the best part of my day is when I see a smile on someone's face because of a book I've recommended.

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  1. Didn't realise you were a librarian. Somehow it makes. But I'm so glad I dont work that close to a bookshop - Id be even more permanently broke than I already am.

  2. I work in a library too, sounds very similar to yours in a lot of ways. It's all windows, next to a shopping centre, has a coffee area. I love working there and talking to all the customers. Ours isn't as quiet as some libraries you'll go into though, we do lots of events and noisy activities I adore my job, wouldn't want to do anything else.


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