Aug 27, 2014

Lavender's Library: My Independent Bookshop

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Rebecca Raisin and Carina are working together with My Independent Bookshop. There's a great contest which gives you the chance to let your creativity flow. If you want to read more about it, you can find it here.

I've called my shop Lavender's Library. I would like it to be a mix of old and new books. I love giving my treasures a new home and I'm sure other people are feeling the same. A book should be taken care of, it should be welcomed into a warm and loving environment. I want my bookshop to be exactly that. I would buy several comfortable sofas. There should be enough places to sit and of course there will be coffee, tea and home made cookies. I want my shelves to burst with books. There should be a wonderful feeling of both chaos and comfort.

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Of course my shelves should be filled with all kinds of books. I don't discriminate, there should be something for everyone who comes into my shop. That doesn't mean I won't have my own, very special section that will only contain books that I find magical. Below are a few of the books that you're going to find on my shelves. You can find more of them in  my library.

 It wouldn't end with too many books to count and a cozy corner to sit and read. I don't like dog ears, I take good care of my books. That means I'm using bookmarks. I have quite a lot of them and keep finding designs I love. I will have a huge selection of them in my bookshop and will always keep looking for the most gorgeous designs to please my customers.

I like art and books and art are going so well together. I'm usually with my head in the clouds and am dreaming about all kinds of wonderful stories. I've been the main character in action packed chasing scenes, beautiful and sweet romance and magical, fantastic situations. Because of this I often forget what's happening around me. I want to be in a world where everything is about books. I will even have book jewelry on display and there will be t-shirts with geeky texts. That way there will be only a tiny gap left between my fantasy world and reality.


Some books have a special kind of magic. You know it when you read them. I don't have to tell an avid reader or a great book lover what I mean by this. I would like my shop to breathe this exact same atmosphere. I hope I've achieved that with the things I've just showed you. What would the bookshop of your dreams be like?


  1. Jessica (What To Style)August 27, 2014 at 8:37 PM

    This sounds an awesome book shop! Really cool! =)

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  2. Love your bookshop! I wish it was real because it sounds like such a wonderful and inviting place!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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