Aug 26, 2014

Lavender And Friends Summary

I like this photo because it resembles me and my friends together, at least the way we were a couple of months ago. I've been friends with Naomi, Louise, Jenna and Lizzy since kindergarten. We've always been there for each other, but a few months ago something changed. Now all of them are still my friends, but they aren't each other's friends anymore. Louise's boyfriend assaulted Naomi and pretended they were secretly seeing each other behind Louise's back. Unfortunately Lizzy and Jenna said some mean things to Naomi without asking her for her side of the story. They did some irreparable damage and I don't think they're ever going to speak to each other again.
Louise and Naomi are sharing a house. They're really close and have also made some new friends. They've both made some major changes in their lives. They try to include me, but sometimes I feel a little bit left out. Jenna is pregnant and she's living together with her wonderful boyfriend. Lizzy is engaged and will be getting married in a few months. She's asked me to be her maid of honor, which is fantastic.

I've been friends with Gina for a very long time as well. She's my best friend and we're really close. I used to think that she was happily married, but her husband wasn't as sweet as he always appeared to be. Gina kissed with the man I was going out with before I met Calvin. I've forgiven her, but I didn't like what she did at all. Now I know the full truth behind everything I don't really blame her. I think she's handled things pretty well and I'm proud of her.

Sandy is my sister-in-law. We liked each other from the moment we've met and she also has a great sister named Stella. Both girls are traveling at the moment. We used to have Tuesday evening dinners together with a group of four. Now only Jada and I are continuing this tradition. We're cooking together every week until they're coming back and then we'll go on with our dinners.

Because of Naomi I've made a new friend. Her name is Franka and she's a cook in a vegetarian restaurant. I love her outlook on life and she's given me several cooking lessons already. I also have a lot of work friends, but will give them their own spotlight in a different post.

photo credit: amanda.venner via photopin cc

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