Aug 12, 2014

Guest Post: Suz Korb's summer holiday

 Suz Korb's summer holiday
I’m actually from Hawaii, so visiting there as a summer holiday doesn’t count. I think after that the second most posh holiday I’ve been on was a cruise of the Grecian islands. Which is all good and well. Stayed in Athens, saw the Acropolis, my favourite island was Santorini. However, the tale I shall regale to you all today is of a rather less ‘glamorous’ local.


Yes. I’ve been to Pontins. Twice! The first time was horrific because my youngest was only a baby and she cried almost the whole time. The second time we went to Prestatyn Sands was much better. By then my 2nd daughter was six years old. She had such a good time there, that I did too! Despite the disgusting, sticky carpet inside the arcade, and also regardless of the overheated atmosphere at the Blue Coat shows, I had an amazing time at Pontins last year thanks to the fact that I won £ playing bingo! I wasn’t even bothered really. My friend was busy dobbing my bingo card while I took myself off to the toilets. When I got back I randomly chose one of the cards she was dobbing and started to mark off numbers on my own. Eventually, I was marking off numbers every time the announcer called one out. I was like, whoa. One more number and I’ll have…


And that’s how I won. I’d never won anything before. It was a fun feeling. Also, we sat on the beach. While touring the Grecian islands, and visiting tourist spots is culturally enriching, sometimes I just like to chill out on a sandy beach and read a good book. Some of my favourite authors are Sophie Kinsella, Nick Spalding, Derek Landy, Ali Sparkes and Christopher Moore. I have a varied and eclectic taste in books. Also, I’ve written a summer time novel. It’s my book: Sun, Sea & Sabotage.

You can find more of Suz Korb's book on her website. She also has a twitter account @SuzKorb and you can find her on Facebook.


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