Aug 24, 2014

Guest Post Lorraine Wilson author and designer + Giveaway!

Following an accident that left me disabled I found that while many of my abilities were diminished my creativity was actually boosted. I've made more in the past two years than the rest of my life put together.
I love to sew, draw, design, photograph, write... You name it and I've probably had a go at making it!
I live with chronic pain and chronic fatigue as a result of brain and spinal injuries but can't bear to be doing nothing when I'm forced into bed rest. Pain wakes me early so it's not unknown for me to make a new handbag before my husband has even woken up in the morning. It's a good distraction and means that something good comes out of the time I'm incapacitated.
When I'm well enough to, I write (I'm the author of the Chalet Girl Series for Harper Impulse - and when I'm not well enough to write I sew or design.
I've started an Etsy shop because there are only so many handbags I can keep for myself and my home is bursting at the seams with my creations :-) I love hand sewing and using vintage or unusual fabrics to create new designs or combinations. I try to make every handbag unique so people can be sure no one else will have another bag like it!
I also take inspiration from my dogs and Switzerland, where my Chalet Girl books are set. I've recently created a new range of Pipsqueak Pup bags inspired by my rescue terrier Pip. You can see him inspecting a Pipsqueak cushion in the photo. I'm currently having fun creating Felt Picture Snow Globes using Swiss scenery, skiers and chalets (I'm in Switzerland at the moment working on my next book) and will be working on some Swiss style bags for the autumn :-)
I try to make items I really love and hope that other people with similar tastes will too but that does make it difficult to put them up for sale! I'm competing with mass-produced, sweatshop priced items but thankfully there are people out there who appreciate how much work goes into hand making an item. Etsy is a great place to find unique items, if you're interested to see more of my creations pop over to my Etsy shop and don't forget you can get £5 off if you're new to Etsy with this link:

Lorraine Wilson Design is currently running a Rafflecopter competition, the prize is a bag/book combo - a unique Pipsqueak Pup Bunting Handbag and a paperback copy of 'Confessions of a Chalet Girl', Lorraine's first book.

Lorraine's first book is currently free as an ebook in the UK
Or the paperback is available to buy here

Prize Pic

Selection of items

Picture Bags

My office 

Pip and Pip cushion
Lorraine Wilson

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