Aug 30, 2014


I love bookmarks and I'm always looking for new designs. I've made a selection of the shops I've bought from in the past. This set of bookmarks comes from Yozocraft. I've purchased several of those in the past and love them! I always have a pile next to my books, so I can grab one whenever I need it.

Santoro has a lot of very cute bookmark designs. What's really nice about these is that they have different designs on both sides.

Sybile's art is stunning and her bookmarks are really beautiful. I love all of her designs!

 La Marelle has got quite a large selection of adorable bookmarks. I like every single one of them!

I've already showed a lot of Shannon Valentine's work. Her bookmarks come with a handy protective sleeve to keep it in when you aren't using it.

Sandra Vargas has some very cute bookmarks. I've bought items with her lovely designs from both Etsy and Zazzle.

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