Aug 29, 2014

Book Talk: Unhappy Endings

 Of course I love a good romance with a happy ending, but for me to enjoy a book it isn't a necessity. There are so many great books that don't end well. When I want some light and uplifting reading I would never choose a great piece of literature, but when I'm in for a surprise I love books that aren't predictable in any way. Some writers let their main characters die or something awful happens to them. Sometimes the reader also doesn't know, because there's an open ending. There are so many amazing and creative ways to end a story. I like variety. 
A few publishers don't accept books that have an unpredictable, dark and gloomy finale. I understand that as readers have certain expectations when they buy their books. I'm glad not all of them have that rule though. I'm a positive and cheerful person, but don't expect the same from the books I'm reading. I have a soft spot for stories where at a certain point everything is going wrong. I can't help it. I also don't have to like the main characters to fall in love with a story. I'm pretty open minded. What's most important for me is the thrill and enjoyment when I'm reading a story. When I'm feeling something the author has succeeded, even if it's revulsion instead of happiness. 

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