Aug 22, 2014

Blame it on Texas by Amie Louellen

Every first love deserves a second chance.
Shelby Patterson has come back to Texas for one reason and one reason only—to get her husband to sign divorce papers. She’s worked hard to build her California bakery, where clients clamor for her one-of-a-kind creations.
Seven years after her disastrous marriage, she’ll finally have everything in perfect order—just as soon as Ritter McCoy signs the dotted line.
Ritt is still pissed that Shelby walked out all those years ago without giving their marriage a chance. Sure, they were young and had just lost the baby that had rushed them to the altar, but they’d loved each other beyond reason.
Ritt gave up his college baseball scholarship, only to have Shelby and her mom take his parents’ bribe money and run. If Shelby wants those papers signed, she’ll just have to wait until he’s good and ready.
Or maybe, before she flies the coop again, he can convince her the love they had between them is still there—and still hot enough to melt their hearts back into one.
Warning: This book contains a sexy Texas boy determined to recapture his first love. May also produce feelings of nostalgia and longing for slow kisses and sweet tea.


Shelby wants to start over and to do so she needs to get her husband Ritt to sign the divorce papers. They haven't seen each other for years. When Shelby left in a hurry and moved to California after she lost their baby Ritt didn't come after her. Now she's finally put the past behind her and has managed to create a life for herself working as a successful baker. Ritt doesn't want to sign the papers. He's still hurting, because Shelby left him. He gave up everything for their marriage and when things got tough Shelby chose her mother over him. His parents offered her money to leave and Ritt is angry that she took it and that he didn't mean more to her than a few dollars. When Shelby is standing on his doorstep Ritt doesn't immediately do what she's asking. He doesn't want to let her go and slowly they start talking about the past and they find out what actually happened. The attraction between them is still there, but can they solve the problems between them after so many years of being apart?
When Shelby arrives in Texas she's calm and she's sure Ritt will sign the divorce papers as soon as possible. She's wearing expensive clothes and she's looking good. Shelby's booked a flight home for the same day, but Ritt has other plans. He's still trying to get over Shelby and their failed marriage. He's a decent guy, but he is determined not to let her go just like that. Slowly they start talking with each other. They were in high school when they got married and now they're both adults. Things aren't exactly easy and peaceful and the mutual attraction doesn't help very much either. I really liked the game of pushing and pulling. Both of the main characters have a history and there's a lot of baggage. Ritt and Shelby were too young to understand certain parts of the things that were taking place. It was great to see how they worked it out many years later. Blame it on Texas is very well written and it's a great, romantic story. Because of the hot and sunny weather in Texas this would be such a good book to read on the beach, it's a perfect summer read! 

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