Aug 28, 2014

Ãbout Birthdays, Manuscripts and Living

photo credit: Theresa Thompson via photopin cc

I will be 34 soon. I'm not sure if I'm ready for that yet. 34 isn't old, but for me it doesn't really feel right. The cause of that is that I've missed so many good things, so many milestones. Everyone around me was living, while I was trying to get through the day and survive. I've used my experiences to write a book called Julia's Diary. I finished it today. It's in Dutch, not in English, so if it ever comes out not all of you will be able to read it. I'm really proud of it though. I've used my bad experiences to create something good.
This year something has drastically changed. I'm now on permanent antibiotics and even though I have to be careful I can do some living of my own. In my case it means writing, writing and more writing. I have so many stories to tell and there are three more books waiting to be looked at one final time before I'm going to submit them. In the eyes of some of you I might not have come very far yet. I'm almost 34 years old and haven't achieved anything memorable just yet. But the fact that I'm still here and doing something I love is enough reason for me to celebrate for an entire month!


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