Jul 13, 2014

Things that cheer me up!

 1) Bentos. I love Japanese lunch boxes, their bentos are amazing. I'm especially fond of the pink strawberry designs. A lot of Japanese people are food artists and they make the most fantastic cute food designs. I'm not very skilled at that, but putting regular lunches in a cheerful package is already a good start. This set is from ebay.

2) Fantasy art. It's something that I can keep looking at for hours and it will never bore me. I'm a big fan of Ching-Chou Kuik.

3) Beautiful mugs. I love this floral Cath Kidston range!

4) Sticker sacks and other Japanese stationery items. This one comes from Kawaii Shop Japan.

5) Amigurumis. Who wouldn't love this cute amigurumi? This beauty is from Knittingdreams on Etsy.

6) Postcards. This cutie is from Artbox and I love it!The color is gorgeous and I like the mushrooms.


  1. Lunch box set is so cute - perfect for my daughter, though she is still too little (for later ;-))

  2. These items are super lovely and sweet!

  3. Ah, I love bento boxes! I used to make them all the time - you can check some of them out on my blog if you're interested!



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