Jul 6, 2014

The Vineyard by Karen Aldous

It’s been five years, and Lizzie Lambert has decided it’s time to try to make things right with her estranged mother. She’s made a success of things in Cannes, she’s bringing up a lovely little boy on her own, and she’s ready to put the past behind her.
But it seems Lizzie’s mother has moved on as well. She’s moved her toyboy – a muscle-bound vintner named Cal – into the family home, and given him the run of the land that was meant to be Lizzie’s inheritance!
Cal’s wine business frequently takes him to France, and suddenly wherever Lizzie goes, he’s already there – meddling, giving unsolicited advice, saving her little boy’s life and stealing her heart. But none of this changes the fact that he’s her mother’s lover…


Lizzy has decided to visit home after five years of silence. The relationship with her mother is difficult and the visit isn't going according to plan. Her mother has rented Lizzy's land to her toyboy Cal who's turned it into a vineyard. Lizzy returns to France immediately. There she has her wonderful son Thierry and her best friend Sophie. She's very surprised when not much later she sees Cal at a French market. After that she keeps running into him. Sometimes she's grateful for that, because Thierry's father is a nuisance who constantly bothers her while Lizzy doesn't want to have anything to do with him. Lizzy is leading a peaceful and happy life in Cannes, where she has her own salon, but things are about to change. Will she be able to mend the relationship with her mother or is it beyond repair? How is she going to get rid of Thierry's father? And last but not least, is there room for love in her life?
The Vineyard is a wonderful book about family and friendship. Thierry is such a sweet little boy and I think every reader will fall in love with him. Lizzy is headstrong and sometimes she's jumping to conclusions a little bit hastily. She has her flaws, but that makes her such a great main character. I also couldn't get enough of the wine talk and the descriptions of all the beautiful landscapes and surroundings. I wanted to go to France immediately as soon as I started reading this book. If you're going on holiday to the lovely Luberon or to the amazing French Riviera you need to take this book with you. It isn't just a feel good romantic story, there's also some depth in it. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that. I highly recommend this fabulous summer read, I loved it!


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