Jul 5, 2014

The Sewing Bee & Afternoon Tea by De-ann Black

Morag goes to live in a beautiful little cottage in the city. The cottage, with its lovely vintage garden, is situated in the heart of Glasgow. Morag leases it during the spring and summer, but the lease has one stipulation -- Morag must make the cottage available to the sewing bee every Wednesday afternoon.

Morag designs sewing patterns and fabrics and is happy to do this. She's been living in a flat in Glasgow and plans to enjoy the cottage garden and relax while she works on her new designs and mends her broken heart. But nothing goes according to plan when she meets handsome menswear designer Marck whose aunt Zinnia owns the cottage. Then the gorgeous vintage gardener Ruary climbs over her garden wall and into her life.

Morag's summer is set to be a scorcher of sewing, baking, romance and mischief set in Glasgow and Cornwall.


 When Morag finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her she leaves him immediately. Fortunately she's able to rent a wonderful cottage in the middle of the city. There's only one condition, she has to continue the sewing bee that takes place every Wednesday afternoon. Because Morag loves to sew and even makes patterns for a living she's delighted to do this and she can't wait to join the fun. The owner's nephew, Marck, is a good looking designer and he can't stay away from the cottage and the sewing. Then there's also Ruary, the cute gardener, who visits regularly. Because of the cottage Morag's life has changed. It's now rich, filled with wonderful people and exciting adventures. The two men bring some problems too though. She likes them both, but who will she choose?
This book is marvellous. I loved the cozy atmosphere. The sewing and baking talk made me want to start a project of my own straight away. The cover of this novella is so pretty and what's even better is that there are patterns in this book. I loved this story, it's so cute and sweet. The Sewing Bee & Afternoon Tea is a perfect feel good read. Morag is such a kind person. She's easy to like and her bright and sunny nature makes this story even more enjoyable. I can only praise this lovely novella. If you love sewing and cake this is a must read!

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