Jul 15, 2014

The Heart of Bali by Rebecca Raisin

What happens when your break from real life shows you exactly how empty it actually is?

Focused and driven, Aurora has built her PR and event management company into a thriving success. But, it’s come at a cost. Her relationships suffer, and she has virtually no social life. When her boyfriend suggests a holiday to mend the bridges, it seems like a good idea to rekindle their attraction and make some new life choices. Instead, she finds herself in the tropical paradise of Bali, heartbroken and alone.

When Marcel, the hotelier, offers to show her the real Bali, she doesn’t hesitate — he might be just the pick-me-up she needs. Pinning Marcel as a Casanova, Aurora decides to have fun and not overthink things. Exploring her more sensual side brings a newfound confidence, and she finds herself falling for the French hotelier and the Bali he shows her...until an unexpected visitor arrives at the hotel.

As her holiday draws to a close, will Aurora choose to leave with good memories, or follow her heart? 

Aurora was supposed to go on a romantic holiday to Bali, but instead she's there on her own. At first she's overwhelmed by grief. She's worked so hard building her own successful company and now that she finally has that much deserved time off her boyfriend has ruined it. She's staying at a beautiful hotel in the middle of paradise and after a few days her luck is turning, because of the wonderful owner. Marcel shows her his favorite places on the island and Aurora is more bold with him than she has ever been before. She surprises both him and herself with her actions and slowly she's starting to feel alive again. Marcel is the one who heals her heart, but holidays are only short and soon it's time for Aurora to go home again. What will she do?
The Heart of Bali is a sweet novella. I liked the detailed descriptions of the island and the surroundings. Marcel is a good looking Frenchman and while he's doing well in business he's still living the life of his dreams. He's showing Aurora what it's like to enjoy things and he's looking after her. He might be a flirt, but he's a decent guy. At first Aurora only goes out with him to have a bit of fun, but soon that turns into something more. There are several sexy scenes in this story and there's a lot of great chemistry between Aurora and Marcel. The Heart of Bali is a perfect holiday read. It's a novella that should be read on the beach or at the poolside, but it will also make a gray day a little brighter.


  1. I'm always looking for good novellas for when I get into a reading funk. This book sounds perfect! Thanks for sharing about it.

  2. I've actually never been to Bali but my sister had and she really liked it. I agree, this sounds like a perfect holiday read and because it's a novella, it can even be read in one sitting. Lovely review :)

  3. It is, if you go on holiday you should download it :). Thanks for your great comment!

  4. Enjoy reading this during your holidays :) xx

  5. I love reading a novella every now and then, I've read several last week, so more novella reviews will follow soon...


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