Jul 9, 2014

Project #HappyMail The Reason Why

Written as Suzanne

As both Librarian Lavender and Suzanne I'm sending Happy Mail to as many people as possible this week. It's a project I started because I want to send people some love. I started with writing cards and sending small gifts to my friends, but I've also asked on Twitter if someone wanted to receive mail from me. People seem to like my project. I think it's a good idea if we all start to send mail again. It's so nice to receive a card or something else in your mailbox or inbox. It doesn't matter if it's snailmail or e-mail, anything to make someone's day is perfect really. I like my project so much that I think I'm going to continue doing it for a while. I won't stop at the end of this week.
I've received A Summer to Remember this afternoon as Happy Mail from one of my friends. It was such a nice surprise and it made my day. It was an amazon gift waiting for me in my inbox. The friend who sent it to me, Katie, is also the person who inspired me to do this. She often sends me a nice postcard or a small gift just to let me know she's thinking about me. She has made so many of my days lately and I'm grateful for that. I want to share that experience with other people, so they know what it feels like to receive something that will make them happy as well.

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