Jul 11, 2014

Pigeon Pie by Debbie Singleton and Kristyna Litten

When one greedy goat strips a scarecrow bare, leaving a cornfield unprotected from five passing pigeons, it takes the gumption of Tiny Chick to save the day. She may be small but she's super smart and, with the help of her farmyard friends, she persuades those silly pigeons that they're about to be baked into a pie - it's enough to send them packing! Well, how would you like it if you turned up for an eat-as-much-as-you-like meal only to discover that you were on the menu? This funny farmyard drama shows that heroes can come in all shapes and sizes.

When the goat eats most of the scarecrow the pigeons are threatening to eat Farmer Budd's corn. None of the farm animals can chase the hungry pigeons off the field, except for the tiny chick who has a cunning plan.
I loved Pigeon Pie! Kristyna Litten's drawings are great. I liked the colors and the details a lot. Debbie Singleton's story is very funny. Even though the chick's plan is giving the pigeons quite a scare, it's actually harmless for everyone, which is really clever. I think children will like this story a lot. It has the perfect ingredients, a forgetful farmer, hilarious farm animals, gullible pigeons and a farmer's wife who can bake a delicious cherry pie. Nobody's getting hurt in this brilliant story and every time I read it I laugh out loud. Pigeon Pie is a cute and wonderful book!

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