Jul 18, 2014

Not Quite Perfect Release Day!

It's Not Quite Perfect day on Lavender Likes, Loves, Finds and Dreams. I'm going to dedicate several posts to this wonderful book. Today is the release date of the paperback of this book. Carina came up with a great plan to celebrate and promote the book by asking one blogger to nominate a blogger friend, this friend also nominated a blogger friend and so on until eventually a chain of ten blogs had been formed. First of all I want to say how happy I am to be included in this! When my great friend Sam from The Book Corner nominated me I felt honored. Her message was as follows: 

5.       Samantha to Suzanne/Lavender Smith: “You're #NotQuitePerfectBut you always look on the positive and put all your energy into creating a brilliant blog. You make me smile and have become a real friend, in the short time I have known you. Thank you for being there.”

I want to frame this as it means the world to me! Thank you Sam, you're a sweetheart and I'm glad we're friends. 
We didn't only receive a friendly message, but Carina also sent us the book together with a lovely letter from Anie Lyons and tea and chocolate. It was a brilliant package that made my day. I also had the chance to nominate someone and have chosen a great friend who's very dear to me, AJ from AJbookreviewclub. This was my message for her:

Suzanne to AJ Bonsell: “You're #NotQuitePerfectBut I think you're a real sweetheart! You always make me laugh and your support and positive comments are making me very happy! I'm glad we're friends!”

I think it's a perfect idea to promote Not Quite Perfect this way. I loved the book and can recommend it to everyone. It's a great summer read! Carina is always kind and generous and I can give away a copy of Not Quite Perfect to a lucky reader of my blog.


  1. Sounds like a great book!

  2. Love the title and blurb. Sounds like a really great book. :)


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