Jul 2, 2014

My Birthday! Part 3

Jada and I needed some help to transport all the food we had prepared to my family's barn. Fortunately Calvin's business partner Lee came to help us. Calvin would meet us at the barn with more food and drinks and Lee was kind enough to be our chauffeur in exchange for an invitation. I was honored that he wanted to come. He gave me my present before we left and I was surprised he found me something so nice. I got this beautiful Disaster Designs La Boutique make up bag. I love it. It has so many great details. I will be able to put enough make up in it for a holiday, but it can still go in my handbag. It's gorgeous. I was also surprised that Lee had thought about bringing me a gift.
The drive to the farm didn't take very long and when we arrived Calvin was already waiting for us. He unloaded the car together with his friend and I was ordered to stop working, because it was my party. My mother gave me a glass of my favorite bubbles and then I was told to sit down and relax. I was worried about my birthday a few days before, but I shouldn't have. Everyone went out of their way to make it a nice day for me.


  1. oh these makeup bags are adorable!:)♥


  2. Happy birthday! What darling make up bags! Lucky you!

  3. I'm obsessed with this bag!! So precious!!


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