Jul 24, 2014

Lavender's Romance in Paris


Place De Vosges is such a romantic place to be. I love having breakfast in one of the little caf├ęs under the arcade. Eating a delicious croissant and drinking chocolate milk with the person I love is a  wonderful way to start my day in Paris.  


 Bistrot Paul Bert is a nice little bistro in the 11th arondissement of Paris. Wine is very important there and I love the chalk boards with menus on them. Eating in a cosy bistro in Paris is something I have to do every time I'm there.

Paris Authentic offers great Paris by night tours. It's an amazing experience to see all those fantastic lights and drink champagne on the back seat of an old fashioned deux chevaux. 
Jardin des Plantes

Strolling around in Le Jardin Des Plantes is great. The serres are really beautiful as well. It's a peaceful haven in the city.

France Voyage

Most of all I love walking in Paris. When I'm looking around me I always find something gorgeous. Le Village St. Paul is such a cute place to visit. It's filled with antique shops and galleries.

Wikimedia Commons
 The vineyards in Montmartre are really cool. French wine can be so delicious and it's great that there are grapes in the middle of the city. I love Montmartre in general with all the artists, the wonderful bars, small restaurants and of course the Sacre Coeur.

I'm hoping to visit Paris again soon, so I can make more wonderful and romantic memories. It's time for some new ones and I can't wait to go shopping.

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