Jul 5, 2014

Lavender Loves Cocoa!

I've recently bought two cocoa skin products and fell in love with both of them. I love the vintage style of the Zoya goes pretty products. The brand is unrefined and organic which I see as a big plus. This shea & cocoa butter smells like actual cocoa and what the name describes is exactly what you get. It's butter for the skin and it works really well.

The Crema Gianduiosa is one of the many Neve products I bought. I like this brand a lot and would love to own everything they sell. Neve's main aim is that the cosmetics you use should be good for you, so they don't use nasty chemical ingredients, but they do want to give you something stylish and wonderful. This cream smells like hazelnut with a hint of chocolate. I was surprised that it worked so well. If you have dry skin this product would be absolutely perfect for you.

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