Jul 18, 2014

I'm Not Quite Perfect, but I've got help!

I'm not quite perfect and think this is a great theme to write a post about. I'm chaotic, I talk too much, I'm overprotective and I buy a lot of things I don't actually need, but I have my good sides too. In Not Quite Perfect the main characters make mistakes, as they are only human and I loved this book because of its great theme. 
One of my other not so perfect characteristics is insecurity. Because of the friends I've made online. I'm becoming a lot more courageous though. I was very happy when Agi from On My Bookshelf and Sophie from Reviewed The Book started following me on twitter and introduced me to a whole group of wonderful other bloggers. I started to feel more at ease and after several months of blogging I finally formed some online friendships. They made me feel less insecure and I even dare to post them on amazon now. I also let the writers know on twitter that I've written a review of their book, which is something I didn't do before. My main language is Dutch and I keep being afraid I make too many mistakes. Because of my fellow bloggers and their support I found enough courage to try to write a Librarian Laveneder novella. Gina's story is almost finished and my lovely friend Ananda from This Chick Reads has been the inspiration for a new Librarian Lavender character. I've made many other blogger friends recently and am so happy they're part of my life. It's wonderful to talk about books, but also about plenty of other things. And they often make me laugh.

Last, but not least I've met some lovely authors on twitter. One of them is Annie Lyons. She's such a kind and warm-hearted person. 

Annie Lyons is the best-selling author of Not Quite Perfect (now available in paperback) and Not Quite Perfect Christmas (A Short Story). Her new novel Dear Lizzie is published by Carina and is available as an eBook.



Twitter @1AnnieLyons




  1. Good luck with your story, sounds very exciting.

  2. Those books sound lovely! :-) And so does yours. I know all about being insecure, but I am pretty sure that you've got what it takes to write stories and books. If you ever need someone to read anything or want someone to talk to, you know where I am!


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