Jul 29, 2014

Glamping With Six Children!

I recently bought these wonderful sunflower dungarees from Asos. I decided to bring them when I went glamping with Gina during the weekend. I thought it would be a great idea to bring Marcy, Robert and Phoebe, so they could have a holiday. Gina took Brenda, Audrey and Iva. The two of us needed to look after the six of them. We did challenge ourselves, but I still think it was a great idea. Fortunately Robert didn't mind spending a long weekend with five girls. He found friends to play soccer and netball with soon enough and he liked being the wise big brother. We went to a beach town so we could build sandcastles and swim in the sea. It was great to spend time with Gina again. After all she's been through lately I was glad to see she could relax. We behaved like two little girls every now and then. It was wonderful to be young and carefree again. 
We made two kites and tried to make them fly. Most of the time we all got tangled in the ropes and laughed until our stomachs hurt. There was a food festival that lasted from Friday until Sunday, so meals were very easy. We got ourselves a lot of tickets and tasted a bit of everything three days in a row. We allowed the girls to have several deserts, those kind of things should be possible when you're on a holiday. Robert felt like he was too old for that, but I sneaked him some treats as well, because I know how much he actually likes them.
Sleeping was a bit of a nightmare. The days were fabulous, but the nights were awful. We all slept in the same huge tent. There were several beds, but there was just one sleeping area. Robert and Iva snore and I'm a light sleeper, so that didn't work very well. Gina and I had to share the queen sized bed, but found Brenda, Iva and Marcy between us every night. I hardly had any space to sleep and turning or changing position was out of the question. Fortunately I brought books, so I could tell a lot of stories. We also played a running game with them before going to bed, to make them all tired. Exhausted kids can still be too excited to go to sleep though. We heard a lot of chatting, giggling and snorting. Audrey and Phoebe couldn't stop talking and they never seemed to tire. I was so happy to see my own bed again on Monday night. I think I need to sleep for a week before I'll be able to function properly again.
All in all the holiday was a huge success. It was exactly what we needed. For Gina and me it was the perfect opportunity to spend some time together and after so many difficult weeks, the kids could use a bit of fun. I never thought it would be so hard to keep an eye on six enthusiastic and active children. We did a great job though, we brought them home in one piece. There were a few tears, but we didn't have any major crisis situations. We only needed two bandages and those were for minor scrapes. Maybe we should do this again in a few weeks...

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