Aug 1, 2014

Fresh From The Farm by Susie Middleton

I like reading cookbooks, especially if they're filled with stories. Fresh From The Farm offers some fantastic recipes. It's too bad I don't live closer to Martha's Vineyard, because I would love to visit Susie Middleton's farm stand with fresh produce and taste some of the gorgeous products. The photographs in this book are amazing and I love how they make both the stories and the recipes come to life. Susie is a good narrator, I enjoyed reading about how she started farming very much and her tips and tricks for growing vegetables are quite useful for those who want to start doing something similar. I think it's great that she dared to leave her job and start a whole new adventure. It meant moving into a house that hasn't got many modern luxuries, but which is peaceful and romantic. Susie sounds happy and content and gives a clear insight into farm life. Of course there are obstacles, but she talks about them in a light and optimistic tone of voice and Susie and her husband always manage to find a solution. Each season brings a different kind of happiness and I really liked how Susie managed to enchant me with her vivid descriptions over and over again.
The recipes in this book are amazing. They're vegetable orientated and they've been arranged according to season. Everything has been prepared with fresh products and if you want to make full use of the recipes it's best to follow the seasons and do the same. I've tried to make two of the recipes and they tasted really good. The roasted ratatouille pasta is delicious! And the zucchini and corn pancakes with Greek yogurt and honey were great. Susie's Deviled eggs at the beginning look so tasty and the same goes for the cinnamon caramelized pears, so those two will be the next things on my list. I love the simple, but wonderful food. Everything is easy to make and the descriptions are clear with many understandable steps. There are cook's tips for every recipe. I liked those a lot! It's pretty obvious that in my opinion this is a fabulous cookbook.

I got a copy of this cookbook via Netgalley and am very happy with it.

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