Jul 9, 2014

Facts about Lavender

1. I've got a sweet tooth. I could eat candy all day. I love traditional sweets and even though I have my favorites I try to vary in what I'm buying, because it's all so delicious and I don't want to miss anything. I like these heart shaped sweets a lot and I'm glad I'm living in the Netherlands as they make great sweets here.

2. The last thing I bought is Anna Sui berry hand cream from Asos. It's no secret that I love beauty products and I often try new things. I can't wait to find out what this Anna Sui cream is like!

3. Yesterday I bought Night Owl by M. Pierce after someone recommended it to me. I look forward to reading it! When someone tells me I should read a book I often buy it straight away. Because of this I've read a lot of great books that I would never have come across otherwise.

4. I like dark chocolate. Raw chocolate is delicious as well! I want my products to be as friendly for humans and the environment as possible. I'm all for slave free chocolate that is good for the farmers as well as for me. 

5. I like pocket mirrors. I have quite a few of them and am always looking for a gorgeous new design. I use them in my home, but will also never leave the house without one. This beauty is from La Marelle.

6. I gave this book to someone today as part of my Happy Mail project. It's a fabulous read and I hope my friend will like it.

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