Jul 4, 2014

Facts about Lavender

1) My latest book purchase is Ivy Lane part one by Cathy Bramley.

2) I'm easily distracted and I can't sit still. I'm a very chaotic person.

3) My latest purchase is a box with all the HibisKiss colors from Ecco Verde.

4) This is the third Custo top that my mother has given me on my birthday.

5) I often buy books that I already have by accident. I'm not good at remembering titles and usually only know what the cover looks like. That isn't a very good idea, because they change regularly.

1 comment:

  1. I've been known to buy Kindle Versions when I have paperbacks of the same book sitting in my bookshelf! Love your blog. It's so interesting and different. Thanks for visiting me!


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