Jul 9, 2014

Book Club Talk: Magic

What does make Magic in books so special? This was the question we talked about in our book club on Monday night. Nolan, Christie, Betty and I all love books about magic. We like sorcery and witchcraft. It makes us feel alive and happy when we're reading about it. Secretly a lot of people wish they would have magic powers. When we read about it it's like we're being taken by the hand by someone who introduces us to that what we would all desire to have. Even though in the stories we read magic often leads to problems and difficult life threatening situations, we would still trade the lives that we have for a superhuman life where we can blast people with power, utter spells to change our appearance or to hide ourselves in plain sight. Magic is a dream and we all wish we could live it. 
I've read a lot of books about supernatural characters. Magic is a topic that would never bore me. I can keep reading about it week after week, which is basically what I do. There are so many good books about it that it's hard to name my favorite series. Circle of Desire is the magic book the book club last read together and we all loved the main character straight away, because she could blast her opponent with energy coming from her hands. What's the magic of magic? I don't want to completely unravel the mystery, because I want to keep believing in it, but it's a question I keep asking myself.

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