Jul 2, 2014

A Western Heart by Liz Harris + Giveaway!

 Wyoming, 1880
Rose McKinley and Will Hyde are childhood sweethearts and Rose has always assumed that one day they will wed. As a marriage will mean the merging of two successful ranches, their families certainly have no objections.
All except for Rose’s sister, Cora. At seventeen, she is fair sick of being treated like a child who doesn’t understand ‘womanly feelings’. She has plenty of womanly feelings – and she has them for Will.
When the mysterious and handsome Mr Galloway comes to town and turns Rose’s head, Cora sees an opportunity to get what she wants. Will Rose play into her sister’s plot or has her heart already been won? 


 Rose and Will have been friends since childhood. They're both living on large farms owned by their parents. There's a lot of pressure because a marriage between the two of them would unite the farms. Rose knows it's only a matter of time before Will will ask her to marry her. The only person who doesn't want to see the two of them together is her sister Cora. She wants to marry Will herself and she will do everything she can to have a chance with the man of her dreams. When the sophisticated Nate Galloway visits the farm it's the ideal moment for Cora to strike.
A Western Heart is a wonderful novella. I liked it straight away. I fell in love with the atmosphere and the setting. Life at the farms is very active and there's always something happening. It's the end of the ninetieth century and so many changes still have to take place, that made this story quite interesting. This novella is sweet and very well written. Cora's planning and plotting are giving the story a great edge. I loved the ending! A Western Heart is a terrific, romantic summer read.

Because I like this novella very much I'm going to give away two e-books via amazon.

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  1. I haven't read a romantic story in a vers long time. I think a need a genre change once in a while and what is a better alternatieve then something sweet!


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