Jul 21, 2014

A Romantic Evening With Calvin

I love romance and going on romantic dates requires suitable outfits. I was dressed for the occasion in this wonderful ModCloth dress with red roses when Calvin took me out to celebrate our three month anniversary. For him the day of our first kiss, the one in the bar, is our date. It's really sweet that he feels this way. I will always remember that kiss, it was really special and the first one of plenty of best kisses I've ever had. 
Calvin likes organizing surprises and he always has amazing ideas. He's really spoiling me with his attention and care. This time we went to the beach, to watch the sunset with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. He put his arm around me and together we sat in silence for a while. We enjoyed the view and each other's company and that was enough. He took my hand in his and when we started talking we laughed about old memories from the time we were roommates. He already liked me then, but he never had the courage to ask me out. I thought he was a flirt, but that was just bravado. I saw him as a womanizer, but he's actually very loyal and when he likes someone he wants to have a long term relationship. As he's been hurt a few times in the past he was careful with me, because he didn't think I was ready for that kind of commitment. I think he's right. I liked being free, but Calvin has found a way to give me that same feeling while being with him. We're lucky and we're very much in love. I can't believe I've never seen Calvin as boyfriend material before he moved back into the country. He's great. 
Of course Calvin isn't only nice, sweet and accommodating. He just waited for his chance to throw me into the water. I love midnight swims, so I didn't really mind. We splashed and we kissed until it was already quite late. A perfect date doesn't have to cost much, it's about the company and the atmosphere. Calvin understands that. We both aren't very rich while we come from families with money. We love the good things in life, but also know how and where to get them without spending a fortune.

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