Jul 31, 2014

10 Reasons Why I Like Summer

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 1) I love fresh fruit and vegetables. Until the end of September there are so many different yummy products to choose from.

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  2) I like wearing pretty dresses and in the summer season fabrics are always so colorful and cheerful.

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3) I like cold drinks. Drinking cocktails in the sunshine with my friends is amazing!
4) I like it when the days are longer. Light evenings are perfect for a summer dinner or a lovely stroll.

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5) Summer love is special. I've had some fantastic summer romances and I love reading about them as well.

6) More happy people. Summer makes people cheerful and I like that very much.

7) I really like summer reads. The Summer of Living Dangerously is a very special one.

8) Holidays are great. I love going abroad and it's great to discover new things and different cultures. I like my job, but in the summer I will happily take some time off to relax.

9) I like to swim, especially outside. There's nothing better than jumping into a lake, the sea or a swimming pool when it's hot.

10) I like watching the sunset. It's so romantic to sit down on the sand with someone you love to watch the sun set in the sea.

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