Jun 8, 2014

To the Efteling with Naomi and Louise

I took another day off on Friday and Naomi and Louise did exactly the same. They've finally found a house and it will be signed over to them later this month. That means that a lot of busy weeks will be ahead of them and they wanted a few last days to relax before the start of a very chaotic time. We'd wanted to go to the Efteling together for a long time already and this seemed like the perfect day to do it. We used to go there at least twice a year when we were teenagers. In our early twenties it became just once and then we stopped going all altogether. Yesterday was the perfect opportunity to bring back this wonderful tradition.
 The weather was great, it was nice and warm. We really enjoyed this sunny, cheerful day. I love fairytales and Droomvlucht will always be my favorite ride. I can never get enough of it. Fortunately my friends are feeling the same way, so we didn't mind standing in line several times. We also took our time strolling and talking. Of course the day wouldn't be complete without fries and ice cream. Louise loves roller coasters and she begged Naomi and me to join her on every ride. We did and every time I seemed to be enjoying it a little bit more. I had such a wonderful day with my two friends!

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