Jun 25, 2014

The Tea Shop by De-ann Black

Jayne's job is to find suitable pop-up shops for businesses looking for temporary premises on the beautiful West Coast of Scotland.

Rich and handsome Brodan McBride, a master baker, becomes one of her new clients and opens a pop-up tea shop selling cakes, ice cream and afternoon tea in one of the busy seaside towns. She also meets Fergus, a gorgeous bespoke tailor who makes Brodan's expensive suits. Jayne's friend and hairdresser, Ceard, isn't sure that she should become romantically involved with either of them.

Although Jayne is attracted to Brodan, is he the man for her? Or is Fergus and his well-cut suits a better fit? Then again, has she been friends with the man who was meant for her all along?

In the busy seaside town, with its lovely little tea shop, gossip, cakes and ice cream, there's only one thing for sure -- Brodan McBride grinds his own nuts.

Jayne loves finding new business for the buildings she lets as pop-ups. When Brodan wants to start a business in town she finds him the perfect location for his tea shop. At first there is some attraction between Jayne and Brodan, but is he really the man she's looking for? When she meets his best friend Fergus there's a click straight away, but Jayne doesn't know if he's right for her either. Her best friend Ceard helps her to make some decisions and meanwhile her hair looks always fabulous, because he's a hairdresser. 
Will Jayne find the man of her dreams? How is the tea shop doing? It's all in this wonderful novella. I really liked the friendships, the dialogue and the description of the characters in this story. The drawing at the beginning of each chapter is so cheerful. There's a lot of love, but not all is happy and wonderful in the seaside town. The reader is being introduced to several business owners and learns a lot about their lives. That's the strong point of The Tea Shop. Jayne is great, she's fierce and smart and I liked to see how she handled all the different situations she got involved in by accident. The atmosphere is brilliant and I can't wait to read the second part of this series!

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