Jun 25, 2014

Studying and Work

This wonderful Motel Arta Dress is from Asos. Even though I had to study this weekend I wanted to wear something nice. The weather was great, but I was stuck inside. I did some chores for Dawn, but other than that I studied. I want to pass my exams. I really like the courses, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to manage the library. I would like to be an author instead. That is something I can only dream about, because I haven't gotten very far yet. I know most authors hardly make any money and it's a hard and uncertain profession, but for me it's magic. 
I've printed the manuscript of my YA novel and I still can't believe I filled all of those pages. I'm not very happy with my work yet, there's still a lot that has to be corrected and fine tuned, but it's something I've achieved and I'm proud of it. Lately I often find myself thinking about life, my job and happiness and I've come to the conclusion that work isn't everything. Love is my number one priority and my second one is my books. I have plenty of stories to tell. For now I'll have to go back to my books and make sure I'll pass those exams as when you want to become an author you also need to have a plan B. Fortunately it includes a nice boss, some great colleagues and books all around me. I'm a lucky woman.

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