Jun 25, 2014

SO'BiO Mascara Volume

It's time to talk about a beauty item again. This time I've tried SO'BiO's Mascara Volume. Bio mascaras can be difficult, because they often don't have the stunning effect that regular mascaras have. I still like the idea of using something that is better for me and for the environment. This mascara doesn't bring layers of volume, but it's perfect for women who already have some lashes and only need mascara to enhance what's already there. I think this mascara is great. It doesn't irritate my eyes. Even though it's subtle I like how it looks on me. It's also very easy to put on and it doesn't smear. I haven't had panda eyes and it stays where it has to be all day. This product is quite suitable for an every day look. It doesn't have a dramatic effect, but it's a good mascara. I love it and will continue using it.

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