Jun 29, 2014

Sister Time!


I try to spend my Saturdays with my sister. That's also what I've done this weekend. I went there to do the usual. I cleaned, did some jobs for the website and I made dinner for an entire week. My sister has found someone to help her with the website. It's going so well and I'm glad she's making enough money to hire a woman who can do some of the work for her, because she's clearly exhausted. 
I brought a bottle of wine and we finally had the time for some sister talk. We chatted about Seth of course and how busy Dawn is. She also told me that she's slowly saying goodbye to her husband, because she doesn't think he'll be all right again. That's so sad. Fortunately Dawn has a few very good friends and several helpful neighbors. And then of course there's her family. My parents often help out and at work she has some nice colleagues who are very friendly too. Even Seth's new regular nurse has taken her out for a drink and a chat. She's sad, but all the love and care she's getting is making her happy.
A few months ago Seth was all we talked about, but now there was room for a few jokes, work talk, gossip and family news as well. I told her about Calvin and how well things are going. I'm glad my sister likes my boyfriend. She thinks we're great together. Since I've met Calvin I've changed. I think about life more and I try to enjoy every good moment. That's how Dawn tries to live as well. Of course she also showed me her new clothes, they're gorgeous. Dawn is always looking fantastic. I make an effort and she succeeds, that's the difference between us. She's the typical successful older sister and I'm the baby. These days I'm also mothering her though, so only the success is still lacking.  


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