Jun 18, 2014

Rian's Request!

I had to study this weekend. I wanted to spend my Sunday evening with Calvin and I did see him for an hour, because he came over with dinner and snacks that were supposed to give my brain some extra energy. That was really sweet. I didn't sleep much, because I wanted to cram as much last minute information into my head as possible. When I was a student I used to procrastinate until the very end, but that has changed. I've studied as much as I could practically every day, so I didn't have to spend my entire weekend in various states of panic. We have to sit through six exams in total and this Monday were the first two.  That means I still have a lot of studying ahead of me and I have two papers to finish. When will I ever find the time to write?
I wanted to dress into something easy, but nice and chose this Asos floral maxi dress. The back is bare, but as it was cold anyway I could combine it with a cardigan. The exams weren't easy, but because of all the studying I should have passed both of them. Afterwards it was of course time for my weekly meeting with Rian. I keep forgetting he's my teacher, because he's become such a good friend. He looked a bit happier this week, because his publisher has accepted his latest manuscript. 
We talked about everything and nothing for a while, but I could see he had something on his mind. He had a request for me and it wouldn't be something I was going to like. Due to his nervousness I already knew before he opened his mouth to tell me. His parents will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary next weekend and his brother will be there. Because he doesn't have a date and he doesn't want to go alone he's asked me to come. I really don't want to, but he needs a support group. Nolan and Christie will come as well, I've convinced him to invite them too. That way he will have enough back up, but it won't look like a date. I'm already dreading it, but anything for a friend right?

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