Jun 15, 2014

News About Seth

I went to work in this Jane Norman jumpsuit on Friday. I really like jumpsuits. I made this one a bit fancier with a bolero and heels, but made sure I had a pair of sneakers with me to change into as soon as the day was over. I promised Dawn to pick up my nieces and nephew from school. We're living in a beach town and the weather was gorgeous, so we went swimming together. We also built a huge sand castle and we ate extra large ice creams.
Dawn needed me to be there for her children, because she had to go to the hospital Seth is in now for a doctor's appointment. It was requested by the physician they've appointed to his case. After going to the beach we went to the farm to have dinner with my parents. Dawn joined us as soon as she was back from her visit and she didn't have good news. They've been in touch with several of their colleagues abroad and they've all confirmed there isn't much they can do for Seth. He will either improve and get better on his own or he might not survive. They will monitor him and they are going to make his stay as comfortable and safe as possible by giving him painkillers, sleeping pills and anything else he might need. Dawn was really upset by this news. She kept hoping they would have a cure. I've never seen my sister so devastated and she has to remain strong to keep things going. I can't imagine how hard that is going to be for her. The only thing my parents and I can do now is helping Dawn with some work and a few household chores and by keeping our fingers crossed that Seth's going to pull through.

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