Jun 29, 2014

My Summer Book Trip 3: Granada, Spain


The Return is a captivating new novel of family, love, and betrayal set against a backdrop of civil war, flamenco, and fiery Spanish passion. The author of the beloved international bestseller The Island, Victoria Hislop now transports the reader to Granada, Spain, in a time of historic turmoil. The Return is a colorful and spellbinding saga of a family inspired by music and dance, only to be torn apart by fragile hearts and divided loyalties during the bitter war that brought the dictator Generalissimo Francisco Franco to power.

After spending an enjoyable week in the French vineyards it's time to continue my book travel. This week I'd like to go to Granada, in Spain. In The Return Victoria Hislop writes about the past and the present. The past is quite tragic and a lot of people are in danger. This story is really beautiful, but part of it is also sad. I've read this book a while ago and was very impressed with the detailed descriptions. I couldn't put this novel down, because I wanted to know what happened and most importantly why.
 I would like to travel to the Granada of the present. There I would of course love to taste delicious food, but most of all I want to go dancing.  I will defintely visit the cafĂ© that plays an important role in this book. I can picture myself having a wonderful morning coffee there. Then I'm going to be a little more active. Who doesn't want to dance in the Spanish sun while wearing a gorgeous dress? I'm very much looking forward to a week of dreaming about this next book destination.

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  1. I haven't heard of this novel before, but it sounds interesting!:)♥



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