Jun 28, 2014

Lizzy's Engagement Party

I shopped in my sister's closet again for a dress to wear to Lizzy's engagement party. I chose this wonderful Carven dress. Lizzy and Luke wanted an official and large party. I was surprised there were so many people. For their engagement alone they had invited a hundred people. It was more or less what I pictured my wedding would look like. Lizzy was wearing a simple and gorgeous white dress and Luke wore a tailored black suit. They are a stunning pair. 
Even though so many people were present I kept also thinking about the two who weren't. Calvin has said it several times already, he thinks it's really time to let it go and to stop hoping things will be all right between my friends again. I'm trying and it really helps. I did have fun catching up with Jenna. She looked stunning in a black and white dress. She's starting to show and the little tummy looks lovely on her. There were lots of delicious snacks, so much champagne that it was like it came out of the tap and there was a great jazz band. Everyone was having a good time. Luke went on one knee to ask Lizzy to marry him again. It was all so cute and sweet. She's got a stunning ring, a white gold band with a huge diamond, the real deal.
Lizzy told me that Luke is designing a house for them. He's asked her what she likes and is designing the house of her dreams. Those are the advantages of being with an architect. She's so happy and I'm glad she's found the love of her life.

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