Jun 20, 2014

Lavender and Jada's Cookbook Review: A Girl Called Jack by Jack Monroe

Jada and I had to use my kitchen this week, so we had to choose a cookbook that would be perfect for simple, but delicious cooking. A Girl Called Jack is the ideal cookbook for those who haven't got a fortune to spend on groceries. Jack Monroe makes the most delicious things with inexpensive ingredients. She had to survive on a food budget of only £10 a week for quite a while. She started a blog which has become a huge success and a Girl Called Jack is her first cookbook. 
What I love about this book is that it contains only recipes anyone can easily make. They don't require fabulous kitchen equipment and lots of cooking skills. If you're following the instructions you can prepare this food, it's as simple as that. Jack's meals are so much more healthy than ready made meals and they all look delicious. It was hard to choose what to make, but Jada and I came up with a fantastic menu. When we saw the recipe for Love Soup we just had to try it. It contains a lot of fresh herbs which taste great and are also very healthy. We then made the Summer Pasta a la Genovese which was delicious and very green. I really liked that. For desert we made Paddington Bear Sponge Puddings. Those were a big success, We loved them!
Cooking on a budget can be difficult. If you need to do exactly that A Girl Called Jack is a good investment. She shares a lot of great tips. Poverty is everywhere, also in rich counties. I admire it that Jack Monroe talks about it so openly. I can recommend this cookbook to everyone. Jack Monroe is amazing!

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  1. I heard Jack talking about this on Radio 5 and warmed to her straight away. I almost brought the book but the Amazon reviews put me off by implying that the recipes were a little TOO basic, I guess it may provide inspiration at the very least.


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