Jun 23, 2014

Facts about Jada

1) Jada loves to read about food. Her favorite book is Chocolat by Joanne Harris.

2) Jada and I are close friends now, but our friendship started in a weird way. We both dated the same guy named Oliver who was her long term boyfriend. They were engaged, only he didn't care about that when he started to date me. When she found out she was heartbroken. I was mainly angry at the guy. Jada and I have gained more than we lost from this nasty situation as I think this will be a friendship for life.

3) Jada loves unique jewelry and she often wears this ring. You can find it on Etsy.

4) Jada lives in a mansion. Her parents are loaded. She isn't a spoiled brat though, she's actually very down to earth. 

5) Jada loves to cook. Her mother taught her most of the things she knows, but she also likes to try new recipes. She's a big fan of the Pioneer Woman and this is one of her favorite cookbooks.

6) Jada sleeps in a four-poster bed together with at least a hundred stuffed animals. She's been collecting them ever since she was a little girl.

7) Jada loves Sanrio and her favorite character is My Melody.

8) Jada likes being outdoors. She often goes on a hiking trip. She's met our mutual friend Stella on a forum. Stella was looking for a survival buddy to bring along on a week long trip in the mountains and Jada replied to her post. They decided to go as soon as they could and have been friends for years now.
9) Jada has a lot of eye shadow palettes. This one from Cargo is her latest purchase.

10) Because her ex-boyfriend Oliver didn't want her to work Jada hasn't got much work experience. She now has a job as an executive secretary, but she's quite old fashioned. If a man would sweep her off her feet and there is enough income for her to stay at home, she won't hesitate to do so. Her biggest wish is to have at least four children.

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