Jun 13, 2014

Dinner with Jada

I wore this Tina Turk Zanzibar maxi dress on Tuesday evening. I wanted something long and cheerful for a warm summer day. Jada's parents needed their kitchen and it was too hot to prepare a three course meal in mine, so Jada and I decided to go out for dinner. We wanted something simple, but delicious, so we ended up at Franka's restaurant. Jada really wanted to go there because I kept telling her how nice it is. The dinner didn't disappoint, it was delicious as usual. Only Jada and I were reminded of the less ideal circumstances in which we met, when Oliver entered the restaurant. As soon as he saw us there together he turned around and left. He was with two women, who were both clinging to him, so we assumed his wishes have come true. While almost six months ago Jada and I were fooled by that bastard, we can now thank him for a wonderful friendship. Even though neither of us wants to think about that time too much, we don't really mind anymore. Jada and I have moved on and are both in a happy relationship now. Instead of letting this moment spoil our evening we ordered a bottle of champagne to make a toast to good food and sweet boyfriends!

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