Jun 8, 2014

Dawn's Distress

When we came back from the amusement park on Friday I went to see my sister straight away. She needed some help to prepare for a party on Saturday. I don't know how she does it, entertaining those ladies while running the entire household and being with Seth as often as she can. I stayed the night and then made everyone breakfast in the morning. Then the hospital called, they were planning on placing Seth in the specialized facility later that day. Which meant I had to do the party. 
I was the afternoon entertainment for a couple of girls on their hen weekend. It meant they were drinking already when I arrived there at eleven. The bride to be received a huge basket filled with goodies from Dawn's shop and the rest could place an order for whatever they liked. They were on a tight schedule, so I only could stay for an hour and a half before I had to leave again.
Dawn was at the hospital to make arrangements for her husband. My mother and I took Marcy, Phoebe and Robert to the beach. I wore this gorgeous White Stuff dress which is perfect for a hot summer day. I could see that the kids were really stressed and that they worry about their father. There wasn't much my mother and I could do. We gave them a hug and a huge ice cream, which temporarily put a smile on their face, but it doesn't really make things better.

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