Jun 4, 2014

Crazy Rumors Bubble Gum Flavored Lip Balms

 I'm a big fan of bio cosmetics. That's why I placed an order at Ecco Verde. The package arrived a few days ago and it was so much fun to open it! I will be reviewing all the products that I liked in the coming two weeks. This is the first thing I've tried. I wanted to have Crazy Rumors lip balms for quite a while already. I chose this cute little box with four bubble gum flavors. I've tried them all and they are making my lips really soft. Each of the bubble gum lip balms has a smell and taste you have to like. They are extremely sweet. Which is a plus for me, because I love that. I'm very happy with this purchase and can't wait to try other Crazy Rumor products in the future!


  1. Jessica (What To Style)June 4, 2014 at 10:39 PM

    These lip balms must be really good! =)



  2. I like them a lot, I keep buying new lip balms to find the perfect one!

  3. I love the look of these! Such cute packaging too. I am off to check Ecco Verde.

  4. The quality of these is amazing and I love the flavors!


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