Jun 14, 2014

Calvin and Luscombe

An evening with Calvin is never predictable. He's always got little surprises for me. When he found out how much I like lemon he bought me a few bottles of Luscombe. I love this drink, it's absolutely delicious and a big plus is that it's organic too. I do love a good cocktail and a nice glass of wine, but I like having an alcohol free drink every once in a while as well. Calvin isn't a big drinker. He does like a few beers on a night out, but at home he prefers lemonade. Maybe that's because he has to work so many hours and needs a clear head to run his business.
We ended up snuggling on the sofa while watching the first match of the Fifa World Cup. I'm not a big soccer fan, but I read an peaked at the screen every now and then. It was such a nice, normal night. I haven't had evenings like this with any of my boyfriends before, so for me it is something completely new. I love Calvin's apartment and I often stay over. He even lets me work on my novel in the morning without disturbing me. We both have a lot to do and it isn't always easy to spend time together. Especially not when Calvin needs to be at work during the weekend. It's something we still have to figure out together. I really want this relationship to work, because I like being in love with Calvin very much!

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