Jun 5, 2014

Books that change your life part 1: The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown

Sometimes there's a book that changes your whole outlook on life. Every once in a while I read a nonfiction book and this is one I've read a few months ago. I liked this book very much because Brené Brown is so honest. She doesn't mind sharing her own examples and lets her readers see that we all make mistakes and it isn't so bad if you screw up every now and then. I learned a lot from this book. For example how to let go and to do the things I love even if not everyone in my life will appreciate it. Now I'm making sure I've got time for the things I like to do. Family and friends are more important to me than a career. I never thought about my future much until some of my friends started approaching 30. This is a time of change and we all looked back on our twenties. I realized there was something I hadn't done for myself. I didn't allow much creativity in my life, because I was afraid of failing. Because of The Gifts of Imperfection I finally started working on a novel and now I'm enjoying the process. I'm not focused on the result anymore, I purely write because I like it. Somehow this has worked so liberating that it's much easier than before.


  1. Jessica (What To Style)June 5, 2014 at 10:22 PM

    Great post! This book must be good! =)



  2. It certainly is and it's also not a very long read.


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