Jun 12, 2014

Romantic Novels About Cake and Pies!

 I love books with main characters who love food or even better who bake. Food descriptions make me so happy and it's even more fantastic when I can read about cakes, cookies and pies. I don't know what it is, but stories like that make me enter a dream world which I never want to leave anymore. I can't help but wishing I would be that fantastic baker who produces yummy food that fills everyone with joy. I'm very sure that I'm going to read a lot more books with someone who bakes as the main character. Of course it's advisable to read those books while having your own plate of delicious cupcakes or cookies to enjoy. Reading about pie while eating it makes it so much more fun. I can really recommend that to everyone.
On hot summer days I love to eat strawberry pie with lots of ice cream on top. Having a summery yellow lemon meringue cake may be even better, it's such a tough choice to make. There are quite a few very romantic chick lit stories that are perfect to go with them, as long as they involve lots of pages filled with cake talk. The best recipe for a lazy evening is filling a bath with something from Patisserie de Bain, having a glass of bubbles and eating a delicious pastry while reading about all of the above!


  1. i couldn't agree more. i love cake and cupcakes! I cant say that i've read any of these types of books, they certainly look scrumptious!

  2. They are all really wonderful! I can recommend them very much!


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