Jun 7, 2014

Beyond Grace's Rainbow by Carmel Harrington

Beyond Grace’s Rainbow is the deeply emotional and poignant story of young single mother Grace Devlin.
When Grace is diagnosed with cancer her best chance of survival is to find a bone marrow transplant from a family member. Only Grace is adopted and her one previous attempt to connect with her birth mother resulted in bitter disappointment.
But with her young son, Jack, to think about, and the return of her ex Liam, Jack’s father, reminding her of feelings she’d thought she’d buried long ago, Grace refuses to give up hope just yet. With the help of her friends she bravely embarks on a journey of discovery.
This search will bring her from her home in vibrant Dublin to the unspoilt beauty of Wexford where she must unravel a web of lies and deceit that has spanned over thirty years.
With a wonderful cast of supporting characters and plenty of charm, this will have you laughing and crying at the turn of a page.

I borrowed the summary from Amazon. Grace has been diagnosed with cancer. She's a single mother and her friends develop a support system to make sure her son Jack is well taken care of. When her ex boyfriend Liam returns into her life she has to decide if she's willing to give him a second chance. Grace's family history is complicated and because of her illness it suddenly becomes a lot more important to unravel the truth. 
Beyond Grace's Rainbow is an emotional roller coaster. Grace's friends have all got unique and sometimes also very funny characters. This book is both sad and beautiful. This is a story filled with hope. Love and friendship are the key ingredients of this novel. I had to cry a few times, but it also made me smile. I loved this wonderful book. It's a romantic story with a lot of depth. The warmth and cleverness of the main characters was really amazing. Grace is very ill and she never complains, she doesn't give up and she stays strong all the time. She was such an admirable person. This is one of those books that made me think about life and the decisions I make. I will probably always remember it.

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