Jun 23, 2014


On Friday evening I went to see Dawn. I wore this Opening Ceremony sweater as I know how much children like Disney. I wanted to catch up with my sister and help her out a little, so I did a few household chores and I prepared some dinners for later that week. I also put the children in bed and made sure my sister went to sleep at the exact same time as she was completely exhausted. When it was peaceful and quiet in the house I started to do some work for her online company. She has a crazy amount of orders as the kind of cosmetics she's selling is getting more and more popular each day. I can imagine she can't do it all on her own. I'm pretty sure she will be able to afford someone to do some of the work for her very soon.
Success isn't everything though. You can be great at what you do and have a wonderful career, but if your personal life is a mess it all doesn't matter very much. I'm sure Dawn would trade her beautiful house and all the money she's got in the bank to have a healthy husband again. Things don't work that way, but who doesn't want to make a bargain sometimes, promising that what's very dear to you in exchange for something even more important?

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