Jun 3, 2014

An Update from Rian

My current courses are almost over. I've still got a long way to go, but I like being back in a classroom immensely. I wore this Modcloth dress to school yesterday. We had to do a role play. We were presented with a difficult case and each group had to work out a solution for the problem. It wasn't easy, but we had so much fun. Nolan and I have asked if the group can stay together for the next round of courses as we're all planning on doing the summer program. I think it will be all right, especially if Rian will take care of it.
Afterwards Rian and I went to a pub for our weekly chat. Of course I asked him about the job. He was tempted for a day or two, but he's decided to stay! He won't go away because he wants to keep writing his novels. Which means I'll get to do my writing course over the summer! Plus I won't have to miss him as a friend which is wonderful news. After two hours Rian left and my book club joined me for dinner. We stayed at the pub until closing time talking about books, writing and more books.

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