Jun 27, 2014

A Wonderful Summer Evening!

It was warm and sunny this week which meant that Edward and Victoria invited everyone for a barbecue on a weekday instead of a dinner. They have a beautiful garden with flowers around the lawn. A huge table was standing in the middle of it and Victoria had very stylishly decorated it with a purple and pink flower theme.
 We were all supposed to sit down and let our hosts do the work, but Calvin and I are not like that. I love helping Victoria. She's such a sweet person. She and Edward want other people to enjoy their good fortune. They share everything they have, their money, home, hospitality and great food. Jim and Rian are both single and they are authors, it was a good idea of them to invite them together. The rest of the guests I didn't know. I'm often having dinner with Edward and Victoria, but every time I meet new people.
Calvin made a good business deal with a lady called Amelia, who's about to open a vintage themed tea shop. He's going to supply some of his teas and he'll share a few contacts with her. She will also sell dresses, aprons and a lot of gorgeous china. She started with an online business a few years ago and I can't believe I've missed her gorgeous shop. I instantly liked Amelia and I can't wait to see her new shop. She's kindly invited us to the opening. Our city has a huge shopping centre, but most of the stores are owned by large chains. It will be nice to be able to go to something small and local for a change. I am sure Gina will love that shop as well. She's very much into vintage and she often visits antique markets.
The barbecue was wonderful. The highlight was the strawberry chocolate cake Victora made for desert. Of course we all had way too much to drink to go home. This time I was ready and I brought another Modcloth dress to wear to work the next day. First we had a wonderful breakfast with berry pancakes. Edward and I were late for work, but the boss didn't seem to mind at all.

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  1. Super fab dresses!! They are so fitting for my image of life in a quaint village nestled in an off the beaten path kind of way in the hills of Scotland or amongst and old town in England.... I have such a fantasy world built in my mind if what England would be like


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