Jun 10, 2014

A Summer Barbecue

I needed something cheerful to wear to my parents' first summer barbecue. I chose this Oliver Bonas dress because I love the colors. It was a strange event. I couldn't bring Calvin because he had to work. Jason is traveling the world and Dawn was with Seth, so I felt a bit alone and uneasy. Of course it was great to see my family again and my parents invited Gina to surprise me. It was a great opportunity to let her twins run around a little. That was very thoughtful of them. Of course Jim was there again, he never misses a family gathering. And this time my mother also invited Edward and Victoria, who were delighted to meet my family. There were quite many bottles of champagne, because my parents went to France to get them especially for this occasion.
I love barbecues, they're always so festive and cheerful! My parents know how to throw a good party. They had colored fairy lights placed between all of their trees in the back yard and there was a small stage where everyone who wanted to could dance and sing. My parents even bought a karaoke machine which they put outside. They used wine barrels as tables for the drinks and long picnic tables for the food. It would have been absolutely perfect without my sister's obvious problems and her three sad children, but we tried to make the best of it for them. Robert was my dance partner for the evening and Marcy and Phoebe love Gina's twins, so they spent every minute together. This gave Gina and me some time to chat. I love that my parents are going through so much trouble to host parties and to organize something perfect for everyone they know.


  1. Oh wow so lovely


  2. This is definitely the reason that I want a garden when I will move to a new home, as I have such pleasant memories of all the barbecues we've had in the past! :-)


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